Friday, 15 June 2012

This is a Domestic Problem

 It's weird the animals that man/woman have decided to domesticate for eating purposes I think. Even if the can double up as work animals around the farm/village the choices that have been made are sub par at best.

 Chickens need clipping, debeaking and controlling in sheds and all that jazz fusion but the common Seagull is just as tasty and comes to you, or your rubbish tip anyways, that's food convenience everybody, when your meal flies in on it's own time and energy to be eaten on a day of your choosing!

 Ok so you say you want a working farm animal you can eat later? The wild boar fits the bill perfectly, much quicker than a horse for getting around and cheaper to feed also, sure they gore people a bit but that's just all part of their charm.

 Replace boring cod and perch species in the farm waterways with pink freshwater river dolphins, sure they're more expensive to purchase initially but now you have a tourist attraction as well as Friday night dinner AND you now have pink freshwater river dolphins, which is pretty cool!

 How many ants does is take to replace some roast beef in a sandwich? I'm not sure probably thousands but luckily there's no shortage of these protein packed mini morsels. Ant farms have been underused as children's toys for way too long. First you meet your pets kids, then you eat your pets kids, that's the thrifty way learn, have fun and avoid hunger at the same time. 

  As always, you are welcome for the tips. Please feel free forward on any delicious pink freshwater river dolphin recipes. 


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