Friday, 20 July 2012

WhileYou Were/Are Sleeping (Pick up the slack you loafer!)

  It's weird to me how one second your all up and awake and walking around doing stuff then for some crazy reason your body weakens and wants to lie down in a dust mite metropolis and go offline for hours on end. Its called sleep and we all do it, all animals anyway and I think that I've even seen microbes and bacteria catch a few winks on disease documentaries when you see them hanging out in the petrie dish in the lab.

  So apparently your body is tired and needs to rest but we still carry on doing some things in our sleep. Sleep talking, sleep walking, sleep peeing and sleep thinking (dreams people!) the sleepy time world is nearly as active as the waking world except it's lying down and has a lot more flannel clothing involved.

  If humans can do one or two functions already while sleeping I can't see why they can't sleep WORK also. Stuffing envelopes, folding clothes and knitting are just three great lying down jobs where you might earn a whole extra pay packet as you dream your little dreams PLUS you can talk and pee too, I'm not the boss of you, if you want to stretch your legs a go for a sleep walk on your own time no biggie here.

  I'm sure there's a dangerous cocktails of medicines and possible medical procedures on the brain to float this amazing plan of mine but I'm sure anybody who has partners with chronic snoring problems would be only too happy to volunteer their loved ones for run of trial experiments. 

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