Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Times it by two and what do you get? Every hip teenagers favourite pastime, the Yo-yo! But it wasn't always so long ago string shortages during WWII caused the Allies send crack commando squads into Germany to liberate top quality Yo-yo string so  British children could enjoy 'Walking the dog' during the Blitz, brave heroes all of them.
Ancient Hebrew for ''Fad Fad''  the first known Yo-yos appeared in ancient Greece round 500BC, where a boy attempted a vigorous 'Round the World'  and accidently blinded an onlooking giant hence creating the legend of the Cyclops.
Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned then Yo-yoed as it was rebuilt with Yo-yo Tournaments replacing gladiator thumb wrestling during his reign.
In the Dark Ages Yo-yos were associated with witchcraft because their whizzing sound was reported to conjure up demons and many Yo-yos were confiscated and locked in the Bishops desk till after Mass.
Fast forward to the 1700's where ornate Yo-yos were carved from Dodo beak to adorn fashionable ladies when stepping out. 
The modern Yo-yo scene is vibrant and we've all enjoyed the Yo-yo Roadshow on TV, seeing the various shapes, colours and LED lighting now available, with one Yo-yo owned by Molly Meldrum going for over $23!  
Some things never go out of fashion, see you at the next club meeting. 

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