Saturday, 26 November 2011

Food For Thought, Love and a Happier You.

For thousands of years humans have used the many naturally occurring medicinal plants that exist to ease their suffering from pain and disease, at some point ancient peoples became aware of different plants that could ease their suffering from reality, such as the Opium Poppy and Coco Plant.

So times have changed and a lot of modern foods are highly processed but experimental eating habits amongst single men late at night have yielded a new crop of beneficial food combinations that can help to bring about a happy, more productive but lot more bleeding ulcer inhabited you.

Skittles and  Brown Rice - Use this combination to increase your mathematical skills, one of the comments from our test group was ''I kinda felt like Dustin Hoffman in A Beautiful Mind, except taller'' 

Cheese and Crackers - Finding it hard to focus? After 6 weeks on this meal as a sole diet you will be able to sit and concentrate on tasks for up too twice as long as previously.

Fish Oil, Chilli Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream - Please insist on vanilla, I don't want anyone to get hurt! This is used a general sedative, keep a mini cooler of this soothing balm on hand and rub a generous portion on the small of your back or underarms in times of duress. Your work commute will fly by and you''ll even be able to cope with drum circles up to a point.

These are just a few, many more modern food medicinal combos are available from our website:   

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