Tuesday, 6 December 2011

(N)ice Age

In a year or two the next ice age will begin and that's going to force seven billion humans plus all the animals and insects on the planet into living around the thin strip of habitable land near the Equator. 

This will bring about a lot of huge changes in our lives but the biggest will probably be; manners, we're going to have to step it up a bit people! If you're sharing your dwelling with 43 other humans, a rhino, a colony of termites and some pelicans for example, you're going to have to be pretty careful what you do and say to keep the peace.

Be respectful of other creatures habits and rituals, there's lots of nocturnal animals, so loud music is out and don't slam that door, you know the possums were up all night foraging, that sort of thing.     

It's important to make a list of jobs and delegate them evenly between the species, granted it's tricky to convince the lizards it's their turn to clean the kitchen but if these things aren't kept on track chaos will ensue.

You have a little time so use it wisely to prepare for the next big chill, store pencils, paper, good quality cardboard for making signs and schedules these are the organizational tools that will get you through the next ten thousand years of nasty weather and keep the household ticking along smoothly.

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