Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello Twenty Twelve.

  It's a new year and we're all making our resolutions aren't we? Some involving our careers or relationships, others involving getting things done better, faster more often. While I'm not against the ''biggies'' I think we can postively reaffirm our lives every day by completing a host of what I call ''tiddler'' resolutions. These are the little guys that everyone can do and don't cause any disruption too your New Years Eve pre-resolution routine either.

  Let's consider weight loss issues, instead of ''I will get thinner'' resolve ''I will look thinner'' by wearing black lots or growing your hair over some of your neck rolls. Often flexing around family and peers can sometimes give them the false impression you've been working out and are looking more ripped than usual, or partially ripped if you weren't ripped at all previously, so resolve to ''Flex at least once every gathering of friends or family''.

  If you want to make a resolution along the lines of promising to keep up with people better or ''being a better friend'' this can easily be done by joining up with any number of automatic email delivery services. You can schedule emails to be sent weekly or bi-weekly it's really flexible, remember to always end your messages with something like ''been having trouble with my email, if you want to chat more better call me'' this adds a great personal touch and if anybody has anything valid to say they will ring you which saves money though does have the disadvantage that some of these satellite acquaintances will make contact with you but that's what voicemail is all about isn't it?

  Working harder or being better at work is one of the most common resolutions you will hear and it's potentially the most strenuous. I suggest getting to work a bit earlier, nothing life changing just one or two minutes should do it, but is that enough? We'll it's certainly more work therefore qualifies as a success even if you don't do any more actual work, hey, you're trying and bosses love seeing initiative. Another easy one is make a promise to read every third memo, you've probably been reading one if five or six but reading one in three will give you a better idea of what's going on in your workplace. Now you seem to be the best of the worst in the office, hello promotion, then you might be sending the memos, look at me now Mom!

  Regarding trying harder in relationships resolutions it's so so easy, men share a feeling twice a week and ladies pick one night every two weeks not to talk through the sports news and you're all set.

Let's all have a great twenty twelve, try it, it's shorter. 

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