Monday, 26 December 2011

The First 'First World Problems'

  People complain a lot don't they? Considering everyone I know has at least shelter, food, water and most of them a whole lot more. It makes me really annoyed sometimes but these ''first world problems'' are valid I guess in the context of modern society and I bet there were people whining about their ''primitive world problems'' even back in the stone age. 

  For example the ''cave men''? We would say cave people these days and quite rightly but you know there must have been only so many caves to go round. I have only seen four caves total in my life so premium cave space would have been highly sought after. There must have been loads of gossip over how '' The Grunks sucked up to the Chief to get their sleeping area away from drafty end of the cave, I wish we were the Chief's pet ''.  That will get really boring fast when you're just trying to survive without being eaten by a Sabre Tooth Tiger.

  Any sort of cave person-al grooming would be viewed as pretentious so having your pals rolling their eyes at each other over your ''I can't get this wolf pelt to sit right on my hips'' complaint wouldn't be hard. You'd also hear plenty of bitching over the girls who can't stop checking out their reflection in the pond, ''She thinks she's the fertility God's gift too men'' will probably be muttered behind their backs.  

  First world problems/complaints have been going on for thousands of years, although I might omit the plague years when most gripes were actually well founded, so ignore them or join in? I'm just about to ring a few friends and complain how I'm too damn funny and talented and how it's a burden to eventually have to be a role model for up and coming writers.   

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