Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A 14 year old Dan takes a swipe at government.

  Politicians are dumb dudes aren't they? They go on and on about stuff like climate change and workplace legislation but never take the time to sort out the big issues. Why can't we have a price ceiling on pizzas at $3.95? They want to stay in government but won't make the hard decisions and I don't get it, pizzas have never been government subsidized and it's well overdue.  

  And the guys running countries now are really boring suit types. I think each country should pick a rock star and make them the President. I would have David Bowie for our leader, for Britain they should have Meatloaf and the USA could have Anthony Kiedis because he likes drugs so much and so do they. This would make all political stuff cool as under my plan congress and speeches and stuff would tour from city to city in a partying and rocking out roadshow, also you could buy your own Presidents merch and not look like a total dorkenheimer.

  Income tax is collected to pay for everything but I think you should be able to choose where your Dad's tax money goes. If you want roads you can attach a short story on how roads are cool and all that. This way everybody gets a fair way in the how the country gets run not like now when they build more schools or trains and I'm like ''whatever''.

  Or vote for me next election that I'm old enough to be in and I'll give you a voucher for a soda or run off a copy of 'Epic' for you. FAITH NO MORE ROOLS!

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