Friday, 12 August 2011

It's a dog's life ( So stop whingeing Fido! )

For a long time now pets have been used for helping people in need we've all seen the great work organisations like The Royal Guide Dogs ,Pets as Therapy and The Flintstones have done training animals but let's think for a minute, there's loads of other ways maybe pets could be utilised and it might help with fundraising?
Let's explore.

Car Key Sniffing Cat - A cat's sense of smell is fourteen times as sensitive as humans that gives them at least an even money chance of finding where the car keys have been put. Tip: most likely into the fridge with the milk.

Watering Can-ine - What? It's not what you think! Dogs can be trained to carry water around to all your low lying shrubberies. There's a good waterboy!

Dial-a-Dragon - Vicious trained Bearded Attack Dragons can now be hired to protect your precious belongings while you're out. Lizards have loads of dangerous bacteria in their mouths and one bite could result in a nasty infection in 1 in 50 cases but it's just really just upsetting to be owned by a lizard when you're a hardened criminal.

Turkey Surprise - Christmas is coming and with Masterchef gourmet food is more popular than ever also the Central Americans have long known of the delicious taste of the Axolotl, so let's combine these two excellent concepts into a spectacular holiday roast. Purchase three small plump axolotls and feed on meaty scraps till they've grown ready to burst with salamandery goodness, then prepare with roast vegies and onion gravy to finish. Mmm tastes like water chicken. 

Let's get pets to give back to the community so we don't have too.

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