Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saving Keystrokes - the new way to a less ''tappy'' you.

Isn't it funny (or I.I.F)  that over the past 10 years or so abbreviations and acronyms have permeated our culture so much that you can virtually just type a series of capital letters into Facebook or Twitter and have the person you're addressing understand what you're saying perfectly well. And isn't it amusing that sometimes your parents pickup on this trend and start using them also. And isn't it not funny or amusing in any way when grandparents do it!
We all know the easy ones like L.O.L - laughing out loudly and A.S.B.O - anti social behaviour disorder but new ones are constantly being invented and evolving. Here's a crash course on some of the most rad and fly new A'n'As.

I.K.R - I know right?! - meaning far out or that was most unexpected.
W.O.O.T- Will one only try? - Emphatically asking to give it a go or lets try together.
I.D.E.K -  I don't even know - I'm at my wits end and all seems hopeless.
J.P.E.G - Junior photographers explorers gang - Founded early 1995, closed late 1995.
NABISCO - National Australia Bank is cool - Kids banking website with games.
D.V.D - Digital versatile disk - It slices, it dices, it holds digital video.
A.T.M.M - Automated teller machine machine, often wrongly shortened to ATM.
I.K.S.A.S.A.T - I know stuff about stuff and that - I'm in control of the situation.
K.I.R.B - Keeping it real bro - I've been working solidly, KIRS(ista) is in the feminine.
A.I.N.E.C - And it's not even close - You've tried and failed.

Hope this helps otherwise T.A.S.E.W.R.Y.C.T  or ''There are some excellent website resources you can try''.

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