Saturday, 9 July 2011

Animazing Animals

Hello Terrans. Lately I've been busy as a animated bee getting together a proposal for a movie idea to pitch to Pixar, the world famous producers of such massively successful movies as 'Finding Nemo' and 'Toy Story'. 
Now from the outside it looks like those guys can take any object or animal and anthropomorphize it then give it  a cute celebrity voice and next thing they're cyberbathing in digital dollars (who bothers with cash these days?) but, there's real talent in picking the thing to be the star of the movie and give it Paul Hogan's voice, I haven't cleared that with Paul but let's be honest, what else has he got going on?

'Happy Feet' was a big hit with the stars being cute animated penguins but real penguins aren't so cute therefore nearly any animal can be cutie-fied as long as it's furry I think? Point in case, animated and real sharks, no fur and both terrifying.
I'm choosing the critically endangered *numbat to be my hero, I need a catchy name too and I think Nigel is probably a winner.

All heroes need a quest and this little guy wants to stop all logging in South Western Australia to save his family from extinction! But he realises the only way to beat ''the man'' is at his own game, therefore he enrolls in university to become a lawyer and fight for green issues the only way he knows how; in court!

So there we have it 'Nigel the Numbat takes on the Australian Supreme Court' animated feature from Pixar voiced by Paul Hogan. Will it be a success? 
I'll call you from my champagne filled gold lavatory and let you know. 

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