Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jesus and the dust harvesters.

Jesus and the dust harvesters:

One morning Jesus was walking on the road beside the Sea of Galilee when he came upon some men gathering dust in the fields. ''Why do you toil so, in the hot morning sun?'' asked Jesus, ''We are the dust harvesters my Lord, we gather the finest dust in all the known lands to lay upon the roads that you tread so to serve you!'' answered one man, ''Do you not see the folly of your ways?'' asked Jesus, ''No, teach us Lord?'' said the men, and Jesus spoketh ''This dust is but the tiniest of fragment of a mighty mountain that is now become humble particles, the cliffs we dared not climb is now ours to walk upon freely so come up from your scrabbling, gather dust no more, walk beside me on the road, the road of freedom'' the men tossed away their dust harvesting utensils and walked along the road with Jesus and all was as it should be.

A reading from the Book of Trevor.

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