Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Feud For Thought

The popularity of the 'Twilight' saga and subsequent films has brought to our attention the long held and very real grudges between Vampires and Werewolves. And although bloody battles between supernatural beings in mossy forests is something we've very much become accustomed too in modern times and there are other feuds between other monster groups that sometimes go unnoticed:

Mummies versus Frankensteins - Ever since Mummies have been imported into Western culture these two parties have quarreled over the right too walk slowly through the night with arms stretched out in front of them.

Wood Elf versus Water Sprite - The Sprites control the water, the Elves need water for their enchanted mushroom crops, In times of drought costly court battles often ensue.

Ogre versus Troll - With air travel being more common not as many bridges are getting built, over population under bridges in reaching crisis levels.

Yeti versus Sasquatch - Deforestation in America has forced Sasquatches into alpine Yeti territories leading too vicious slanging matches, also Australian Yowies are now under threat due too 'Boat Yetis' arriving seeking asylum.

There's no easy answers even though there's no written test, if you see a homeless Ogre or a busking Pixie just give what you can.

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