Monday, 6 June 2011

Dating: Be more less alone today!

  More and more often I'm asked these days I'm asked ''Dan, you're never short of female company and you never ever will be, how do you do it?''. Dating! It's synonymous with nervousness, sweaty palms and awkward silences so it's no surprise that when 10th Century Persian date harvesters wanted to start a family they adopted the phrase to these amorous activities, and much like the popular pudding, it's stuck. Here's my top tips to get from swooning to spooning:

Personal Grooming - First impressions are critical and this Winter's mens fashions in from Europe suggest: Nose hair is hot while ear hair is not. Win!

Knitwear - It's an age old dating problem, jumper or cardigan? While I've had some great nights out in my cable knit turtleneck, I have a sleeveless cardigan which looks stylish with any type of corduroy pant or short. Go the 'gan!

Home Date - Restaurants are the main cause of unsightly food bills that can sully an otherwise frugal night out. Eat at home! Invite your Mum round for dinner then explain the rest when she gets there, she loves you right?

Music - Regarding the 'Home Date' choice of tunes it's so easy 'Simply Red' or 'Michael Buble' and if you want something less raucous try 'Michael Buble sings Simply Red'. 

  Give these a go and I'll guarantee you'll be picking out the paper plates for your wedding barbie in no time.

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