Monday, 6 June 2011

Greenhouse Giants

Movies have been made about them, books have been written and I'm sure we've all done a lot soul searching on the issue but there seems to be no escaping the facts: Giant animals are destroying the Earth!
Unknown scientists in unnamed research facilities around the world have been working on the issue of gigantism in animals since the documentary 'King Kong' was released in 1933 here's just a small section of the findings.

Porky Pigeons - Gorging on processed high protein stock feeds the average Wild Pigeon's weight has ballooned from 370g in 1990 to 400g in 2010! Very bad news for statues and cars in urban areas, not to mention Mum's washing.

Caramello Koala - How much extra weight can Koala bear? It's an old joke but no one's laughing at Otway National Park where voracious XXL Koalas have been traced to mass deforestation and several incidents involving visitors being hit by falling dung balls.

Methane  Mites - Termites produce the most amount of greenhouse effect causing methane than any other animal including the sparrow. The average termite is now 40% larger than in 1974 when they were introduced into Australia to combat a plague of souvenir boomerangs. We can't excuse their gas emissions any longer.

There's no one way to stop gigantism in animals just being alert to the problem is a good start and of course continue to keep a weekly log of your pets length and weight, but this is just common sense. 


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