Monday, 6 June 2011

Movie Snacks Do's and Don'ts

More and more often I'm asked these days I'm asked ''Dan, which snack or candy goes with which beverage? And what's the social etiquette?''  A great question! Eating when watching a movie or Tv is a minefield of embarassment and I always recall an incident at a party where I offered Pretzels along with apple juice! Arrgh! I know what you're thinking and believe me I was mortified but I was young, brash and thought I knew it all about salted food snacks back then, I had much to learn.
Obviously we can't cover all the complexity of sofa snacking rules here now but here's my top tips that will keep you out of trouble for most occasions:

1. Lollies, Sweets and Candies - Any carbonated drink goes perfectly with these, diet soft drinks are acceptable though frowned upon at formal occasions Note: the gas from these helps break down sugars into harmless indigestion.

2. Chocolate or Candy coated chocolates - Best option here is the dairy group be it milk or drinking yoghurt everybody loves a stomach full of milk and chocolate.  Serving Suggestion: nothing beats 200g of Smarties  dissolved into a 400ml glass of  full cream milk on a hot Summer's evening. Why not spoil yourself!

3. Salted Food Snacks - Be it chips, pretzels or popcorn there's only one option? The cordial family! Lime or raspberry for a party atmosphere or  pine/orange for a romantic night in. Go on surprise the Missus!

* Marshmallows are considered 'Wild' and can be served with any beverage outside of sparkling fruit drinks obviously.

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