Saturday, 18 June 2011

Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire!

Oh my God you guys! I've just come back from seeing 'X-men: First Class' at the movies and I'm so excited! Apart from the fact Mum has said we have Fish Finger Pie * for supper I've come up with a great idea to genetically engineer a van load of real life superheroes to help us in our everyday life just because doing stuff is boring and being places is whack.
So I've secured a bit of Uranium, lots of things that buzz and ping and borrowed a ''Mad Scientist'' wig and goggles, now I'm ready to begin mutating some folks here's a few I've thought of so far:

Q-Jumper - Hold his hand on any line and you're teleported straight to first served every time.
Khaki Kruesader - Vigilantly knows where the car keys are at all times.
The Recycling Avenger - Expertly sorts your garbage appropriately....more or less.
Sooper Pooper Scooper Man - Just walks the dog but in a sparkly purple jumpsuit and scoop!
Lawn Man and Pruning Boy - The dynamic duo of garden care.
Captain Google It - Her hands are poised above the keyboard 24/7.
Wander Woman - Jog, stroll, hike? She's your gal.
General Vengence - Available for variety of small revenge jobs, no grudge too small.

Come up with a few of your own and I'll be happy to irradiate them u[p for you. It's heaps good fun**

** Actual level of fun may vary subjectively.

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