Monday, 6 June 2011

Get your party started!

  More and more often I'm asked these days I'm asked ''Dan, your parties are legendary, how can I get my function or small gathering to swing as well as yours?'' 
Well in olden times it used to be getting your party stopped that was the issue and by the way I use the 'flicking on and off the light method' if that's ineffective try shooting people dirty looks from the front of the room and yelling ''I can wait all day people!''  and that will generally puts dampener on the mood and you can call some taxis.These days with internet interactions being the latest fad people need a little prodding to loose their inhibitions and have an extra cider or three!
Here's how you do it:

1. Bad Snacks -  My favourites for this are a 'Nut filled cheese log' and 'Sweet and sour mini Quiches' and I can guarantee that 2 seconds after you've left the room people will start to chat and bond about the poor food on offer. You've been slagged OFF but the 'Fun' button is now ON!

2. Catch and 'KISS' - Similar to the child's game except when someone is caught they can choose which makeup from members of rock band 'KISS' they'd like to wear for the night, as long as it's not Peter Criss!

3. The Domino Sway - Dancing is always tricky to instigate at any social function and this is quite advanced. Put some funky music on, 'Seal' or 'Michael Buble' usually fits the bill and just loiter next to a group of friends, then slowly start to sway in time gently nudging the person next to you, let's physics to the rest.  

4. The Stand Over - This is your go to plan if all else fails. Find a large serving spoon preferably wood, pop 'Pink's' awesome hit 'Get your party started' on the hi-fi   and this where my advice from earlier kicks in, give each partay pooperer a good prod with said spoon, two in the shoulder for the ladies and one good one in the back of the head for the lads you might try whispering ''Go on, do it'' for the hard cases. Simples!

  So there you have it. Don't give your acquaintances yet another reason to judge you negatively 'Get your party started' and be a better person by being popular.

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