Monday, 6 June 2011

The History of Food

Getting kids to eat healthily can be a chore but getting them to consume their history studies is even harder. So how can we combine two negatives and get a positive? Well we can't, it's a mathematical  impossibility.  Or is it? Confused? Too many questions? Let us try to combine healthy meals with lashings of history through the power of...imagination.

Recipe Uno: Take a ordinary common or garden variety pet dog, the larger the better, and strap a 20-30cm wooden stake to it's forehead, but I bet you're way ahead of me? Yes it's the 'Uni-dog-a-corn' or 'Pupp-a-corn-a-une'.  Use this fun prop to explain the mystical powers of fabled Unicorn throughout the ages, there's a 40 question quiz and 2000 word essay at the end and the best pupil is awarded one can of corn. Score! 

Recipe 2: Books are becoming a thing of the past but inspire new passion for literature with Franken-furters for dinner! Just like Mary Shelley's famous monster dead pieces of meat from various animals are brought together to give life to a diabolical creation, the hotdog. Weinering!

Recipe 3: The history of air travel can be a little dull, but show some video  of a 800 foot air ship plummeting out of the sky in a fireball before dinner and suddenly everyone's paying attention. Then start you're lesson on airships and gases lighter than air, just when the kids think it couldn't be more fun what's for tea? Hindenburgers (It's basically an oval shaped meat pattie with chili sauce). Hot stuff!

Parents are always looking forward to being a burden on their kids old age, lets produce the best quality free nursemaids we can people! 

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