Monday, 6 June 2011

Sounding Cool for Beginners

More and more often these days I'm asked the ''D-man, you the dopest  flyboy round these parts, but how'd you get so awsomelywickedliscious?''. It's a question as accurate as it is linguistically confusing but I wasn't always the 'hepcat'  with the silver tongue I am today. I was once a 'newb' or beginner in cool slang and coming from 100% North European stock I had to develop a system to earn my 'street cred'.  Lets explore!

The Ol' Vic - No one perfected using 10 words when 2 would suffice better than the Victorians (1837-1901), therefore there's a wealth of unused words now waiting for exploitation. Consider Panchymagogue, meaning a good medicine. Used thusly '' What you need is a good panchymagogue man!'' 
Note: Use 'man' whenever possible.  

The Mash Up - This is easy and fun, just take two words and combine to form your own street slang. E.g Bacon + Delicious =  Baconlicious or Jumper + Terrific = Jumpriffic.

I like to Praise You - Everybody loves praise, so use some of your new street words when complimenting a friend or loved one and you'll both reap the benefit. Try this:
'' I'm buggin' on your crazy  awsomtacularness girlfrang'' meaning ''You look nice''.

Hope you 'dig' this, your parents won't understand you but maybe they never did anyway? Right kids?

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