Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's all a joke.

Comedy is often no laughing matter, just ask Jim Belushi, he's been at it for 30 years and still not one funny moment, incident or happenstance. That aside comedy has a rich tradition dating back to Olde Englande where it was called 'mirth' and could only be heard by nobles on pain of death! 

The first recorded joke went a little like this, '' How many Kings does it take to pull a sword  out of a stone?'' Answer, ''One, but he must be the chosen one and called Arthur'' HA, still makes me chortle, the old rubbish ones really are the best.
But times have moved on and now we need to create jokes that everyone can enjoy, that doesn't offend but still tickles the funny bone. Let's try one.

We need a pretence, how about a bar? But bars sometimes bring up negative thoughts of bashings, let's make it a shop. Maybe someone goes in there?  Say, a bunny, everyone like bunnies since Bugs was murdered for being annoying in '73.
Ok, so a bunny goes into a clothing shop, we better make it a talking bunny or the joke stops here. 
Let's finish it off and see what we've got:

A bunny goes into a shop.
Bunny: Hi, I like to buy a fur coat?
Shop assistant: But why? You already have a fur coat, it's attached to you!
Bunny: Yes, but THAT fur coat there used to be my Mommy and I miss her.
Shop assistant: Ha ha! Oh dear here you go, now hop it.

That's good clean fun folks.
Prediction: You hear this twenty times at work tomorrow the wrong way round.

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