Monday, 6 June 2011

How Awesome Am I?

In 2010 the New South Wales parliament enacted the 'Awesomeness Act' an important piece of legislation outlining a standardised method for testing 'Awenosity Levels' in regional areas, this replaced the defunct 'Radical Regulation 1997'. Now we've all thumbed through the document briefly but what real life applications can we take into our lives and what does the 'Equation of Awe' mean to ordinary Australians? 
The Equation of Awe  A = X-Y x N 
When X equals your number of Facebook friends, minus Y your number of hooded t-shirts, times N your number of 'awesome attributes' as laid down in Schedule 4 of the Act. 
Here's an example: 
My fond acquaintance Matty B, his equation looks like this. 
650 Facebook friends, 6 hooded Ts but only 2 awesome attributes so:
650 - 6 x  2 = 1288, Matt has a low 'Awenosity Level'  out of a possible 2000 and receives an 'Epic Fail'
Lets try my workmate Taylor Power:
343 - 14 x 5 = 1645 this is excellent, although his hooded t levels are dangerously high his awesome attributes make up the difference receiving a 'Winning Sheen' award.

It's as easy as one, two, threesy. Hope this helps you calculate your own 'Awenosity Level' in a fun way. Remember representatives from The Department of  Departments will be in town on April 1 to collect your 'Equation of Awe' testing forms.

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