Monday, 6 June 2011

Toilet Humour

As the saying goes if you don't do it, you die. And while statistics supporting this particular theory are sketchy at best, what's even more confusing is when we try to analyse why anybody would try to hold in waste products to point where it might have lethal repercussions? But who am I to knock these fads I never had a skateboard or one of them fancy schmancy toothbrushes either. But going to the toilet can be a little dull, so I've concocted a few simple games to while away the hours we all spend spending a penny on the potty.

Battleships - Take and decorate 3 or 4 cupcake liner papers, I always make mine Spanish Galleons but pirate ships are always popular with the kids, place in your toilet and I'll let you connect the dots how to play. ''Take that Barbossa!''

Space Shuttlecock - Reenact favourite space TV series with just few feathers and the air freshener, the only limit is your imagination as your various craft whoosh throughout the pine scented W.C galaxy. Set phasers to fun!

Notepaper - Everyone in the house is going to visit the littlest room in the aforementioned house at some point in the day so why not use the roll to convey messages to the family.  ''Need milk'' is a common one or ''Record Glee for me please'' is another. ''I see you'' or ''Look behind you'' are fun ones and the best way to start any Mothers Day morning is with a ''Wee love you Mum''  toilet tissue message.  

Make your lavatory motto ''The fun never stops till the seat drops''.

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